Corona Virus Pin

Corona Virus Pin. Copper, sterling silver, brass pin, powder coating.

A show and fundraiser by Arcana Metal Works

Artists are taking action! Studio jewelers across the country are teaming up with Movement Voter Project
(MVP) to raise funds to Get Out The Vote in swing states. Using the format of a campaign button, jewelers were asked to respond to our current moment in history and make a one-of-a-kind brooch for the fundraiser.

Each artist started with a 2″ button blank, and the question: what is the most important message for 2020? We all have thoughts about what’s going on in the world… what would you want YOUR button to say?

On September 3rd, at 9 am, our fundraiser will go live and donors will have the opportunity to secure one of these unique pieces of political art for their very own. We’ve put in the time and talent to make the art. We’re asking for a minimum donation of $100 to claim one.

We are doing this because it is *literally* an emergency – in this election we really need every last American to vote. Please join us to help make that happen.