Helen Cowart is a traditionally trained artist who fell in love with kiln-formed glass and metal. She creates art for viewing and wearing; pieces that are connected and speak with the same voice.

Helen’s work is informed by her environment, both internal and external. Much of it is meditative in nature, creating a place for the viewer that is quiet and thoughtful. She also creates to express her delight in color, line, shape, and texture.

Helen attended Parson’s School of Design for her freshman year and graduated from Florida State University with a BA in Studio Art. At FSU, she took her first jewelry class in her senior year. She returned to jewelry briefly in 2009, using Precious Metal Clay, and was introduced to kiln-formed glass. At the beginning of 2016, she took the beginning jewelry class which reignited her interest in working with precious metals.

In 2020, Jennifer Stenhouse, Julia Lowther, and Helen created Little Metal Foxes, LLC (LMF). Little Metal Foxes offers live jewelry and related classes for makers at all levels who want to acquire skills and connect with the jewelry community from around the world.


helen (at) helencowart (dot) com • London, United Kingdom