Sanctuary, Sacred Data Core

Sanctuary, Sacred Data Core. Kiln cast glass, maple (wood), sterling silver.

These sacred data cores represent life and all the stories an individual carries, known and unknown. Life is built layer by layer. By remembering and meditating we may discover something about those who have died and ourselves. 

Each core is layered like the strata on a cliff and represents the timeline of a life. And, as core samples do, if examined and analyzed, it will tell a part of the story of that person.

The data core is hollow and can be used to hold small objects or ashes. The artwork is kiln-cast powder and fine-grain glass frit that is fired to retain the original texture of the glass particles.

£2,400. Bullseye glass frit, hand-forged sterling silver. Handmade maple wood plinth made in collaboration with Philip Gay, Timber Robot Studio.